Volgograd Journal of Medical Research
Quarterly Journal of Science and Practice

Страница главного врача

  • Page 3
  • UDK: 614.2
  • D. A. Shipunov, V. V. Shkarin, N. P. Bagmetov
  • «Modern methods of management in the modernization of medical organizations»
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  • Page 7
  • UDK: 614.2:616.31
  • V. V. Shkarin, O. S. Mikhalchenko
  • «Certificate of conformity with JCI standards as a tool for attracting medical tourists»
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Обзорные статьи

  • Page 12
  • UDK: 616.314-053.2:016
  • Effectiveness of pulpotomy in primary teeth in children review of literature
  • «E. E. Maslak, E. N. Arjenovskaya, T. N. Kamennova, I. V. Afonina»
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  • Page 15
  • UDK: 611.714
  • E. Yu. Efimova, A. I. Krayushkin, Yu. V. Efimov, E. A. Bujanov
  • «The linear parameters of the skull of mesocranial type»
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Фармакология, токсикология

  • Page 19
  • UDK: 547.856.1
  • A. A. Ozerov, M. S. Novikov, E. A. Khodes
  • «Synthesis of 1,3-dibenzoyl- and 3-benzoyl-6-bromoquinazoline- 2,4(1H,3H)-dione»
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Клиническая медицина

  • Page 23
  • UDK: 617.586-089-053.2:617-001.17
  • I. E. Nikityuk, M. S. Nikitin, E. L. Kononova, K. A. Afonichev
  • «Restoration of the support function of lower limbs in children with postburn scar deformities of dorsal foot after surgical treatment»
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  • Page 28
  • UDK: 612.13+615.036.8+616-089.17
  • D. . Kazantsev, . S. Popov, . V. Strygin, . I. orkovin, . . Tolkachev
  • «Impact of acetate-based crystalloid solutions on acid-base state and hemodynamic parameters in patients undergoing abdominal surgical operations: retrospective cohort study»
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  • Page 32
  • UDK: 615.356:796.071.2
  • E. G. Vershininh, V. B. Mandrikov, V. V. Delarue
  • «Intake of medications boosting mental and physical performance by sportsmen: effectiveness and safety revisited»
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  • Page 36
  • UDK: 616.314-74
  • A. V. Mihal chenko, S. V. Dyachenko, D. Y. Dyachenko
  • «Comparative effectiveness properties of advanced composite materials»
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Новые методы в эксперименте и клинике

  • Page 44
  • UDK: 618.1-089
  • V. A. Sejkina, N. A. Zharkin, N. A. Burova, S. A. Proxvatilov
  • «The justification of the alternative method of surgical treatment of severe forms of pelvic organ prolapse»
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Случай из практики

  • Page 50
  • UDK: 616-053.32
  • N. V. Maluzhinskaya, I. V. Petrova, V.M. Nishchenkova
  • «Total colonic aganglionosis in extremely premature infant»
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  • Page 53
  • UDK: 616-007.415
  • R. V. Myakonkiy, K. O. Kaplunov
  • «The choice of surgical tactics in a case of an acute appendicitis with the retrocecal location of the appendix in the routine practice of a general surgeon»
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