Volgograd Journal of Medical Research
Quarterly Journal of Science and Practice

Страница главного врача

  • Page 3
  • UDK: 613.1:614.2+378.661
  • A. K. Lapina, V. D. Vagner, S. M. Gacenko, A. A. Martin, S. V. Stavskaya, M. L. Yanovskaya, V. G. Konovalenko, V. B. Zmeykova
  • «Quality estimation of the orthodontic patient’s medical recordsmaintaice at six dental clinics of Volgograd city»
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  • Page 11
  • UDK: 338.24:614.21
  • S. Yu. Soboleva, E. N. Kukina
  • «Managing ways of socio-psychological climate in a medical organization»
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  • Page 14
  • UDK: 614.253.1:796.01
  • E. G. Vershinin, V. V. Delarue, A. A. Goncharov
  • «Aspects of informed voluntary consent in youth sports: parents ' opinion»
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Обзорные статьи

  • Page 17
  • UDK: 574+614.2
  • N. I. Latyshevskaya
  • ««Environment» - the scientific direction of VolgSMU in the Year of Ecology in Russia»
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  • Page 20
  • UDK: 616.742.7
  • A. V. Mashkov, A. S. Patrushev, K. A. Zubkov, F. S. Sarkitova
  • «Comparative characteristics of dynamic chewing tests»
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  • Page 24
  • UDK: 611.482. 746.3+538.2
  • A. T. Yakovlev, L. I. Alexandrova, E. A. Zagorodneva, N. G. Krayushkina
  • «A lymph node as a morphological indicator of electromagnetic radiation»
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Клиническая медицина

  • Page 28
  • UDK: 616.72-002.2:616-056.52
  • N. N. Panshina, L. N. Shilova
  • «Clinical features of metabolic syndrome in patients with psoriatic arthritis»
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  • Page 31
  • UDK: 616.314-085
  • I. V. Firsova, A. V. Poroyskaya, Yu. . Makedonova, E. B. Marymova
  • «Clinical evaluation of periodontal conditions with drug correction of vitamin D deficiency in patients with chronic generalized periodontitis of mild degree in dynamics»
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