Volgograd Journal of Medical Research
Quarterly Journal of Science and Practice

UDK: 616-091.8

Pathomorphological characteristics of thyropathies according to histological studies in chronic endogenous intoxication

L. V. Polyakova, S. A. Kalashnikova

Пятигорский медико-фармацевтический институт – филиал ФГБОУ ВО ВолгГМУ МЗ РФ, г. Пятигорск; ФГБОУ ВО ВолгГМУ Минздрава России


Abstract. At the present time, diseases of the thyroid gland include such a concept as thyropathy, combining various pathological processes accompanied by a change in the thyroid status. Our histological examination of the thyroid tissue according to the autopsy material in chronic endogenous intoxication revealed changes in the thyroid parenchyma mainly in the areas supplied with blood by the lower thyroid arteries. The predominance of the mixed type of structure of the thyroid tissue and the formation of nodular formations due to the proliferation of follicular epithelium formed one of the morphological characteristics of thyropathies in chronic endogenous intoxication.


thyroid gland, thyropathy, endogenous intoxication, thyrocyte