Volgograd Journal of Medical Research
Quarterly Journal of Science and Practice

UDK: 611. 428-612. 428

Prenatal formation of lymph node sinuses

Волгоградский государственный медицинский университет, кафедра анатомии человека, кафедра гистологии, эмбриологии, цитологии


A progressive transformation of primordia is a common stage in the formation of lymph node sinuses regardless of their localization. A simultaneous formation of the regional reports from the sinus area of the gate through the slit-like rudiments of the intermediate sinuses seems to be the most probable combination.


lymph nodes, formation, sinus


A. I. Krayushkin, M. Yu. Kapitonova, A. I. Perepelkin, L. I. Alexandrova, V. L. Zagrebin, N. G. Krayushkina