Volgograd Journal of Medical Research
Quarterly Journal of Science and Practice

UDK: 616.33-006.6-089

Surgical palliative and treatment of regional disseminated gastric cancer

R. A. Khvastunov, A. I. Ivanov, A. U. Nenarokomov, A. U. Mudry

Волгоградский государственный медицинский университет, кафедра онкологии с курсом онкологии ФУВ, Волгоградский областной клинический онкологический диспансер № 1


Patients wish regional and disseminated gastric cancer have undergone 112 distal subtotal resection surgeries, 172 major surgeries including gastrectomy, proximal subtotal resection, gastric stump extirpation as well as 175 combined and transpleural surgeries. The operations in second group (101 patients) were performed wish intent of maximum surgical cytoreduction followed by chemotherapy. There was no evidence of an increased frequency of post-operative complication or high mortality rates. The use of the extremely invasive approach resulted in a prolonger life span of patients wish single hepatic metastases, limited abdominal dissemination and residual gastric tumours.


gastric cancer, cytoreductive surgery, short-and long-term effect