Volgograd Journal of Medical Research
Quarterly Journal of Science and Practice

Страница главного врача

  • Page 3
  • UDK: 614.21:616-08(470.45)
  • V. I. Sabanov, T. S. Djachenko, E. V. Yurova, E. V. Tsherbinina
  • «Organization of in-patient medical aid in system of municipal healthcare of volgograd nowadays»
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  • Page 8
  • UDK: 616-091.9:616.4
  • A. V. Smirnov, M. V. Schmidt, N. G. Panshin, O. U. Yevsyukov, A. M. Yevtushenko
  • «Morphological changes in the organs of the immune system of rats in experimental model of magnesium deficiency»
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  • Page 10
  • UDK: 591:615.326:549.456.1:615.457+616. - 001.4
  • I. U. Mitrofanova, A. V. Smirnov, B. B. Sysuev
  • «Morphologic study of reparative effects of bischofite solution and glycyrrhizinic acid in experimental model of dermal injuries»
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  • Page 15
  • UDK: 611-018:0001.4(035)
  • V. L. Zagrebin, S. V. Poroysky, N. I. Goncharov
  • «On morphological terms with proper names»
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Фармакология, токсикология

  • Page 20
  • UDK: 616.12-008.46-085.31
  • I. N. Tyurenkov, V. N. Perfilova, D. D. Borodin
  • «Comparative efficacy of mildronate, mexidole and trimetazidine in chronic heart failure caused by the occlusion of the left coronary artery descending branch»
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  • Page 25
  • UDK: 615.3:547.854.4
  • M. P. Paramonova, D. A. Babkov, A. A. Ozerov, M. S. Novikov, G. N. Solodunova
  • «Antiviral agents. VI. Synthesis of new 1-cinnamyl-3-benzyluracil derivatives»
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  • Page 29
  • UDK: 615.457:615.326:615.322
  • B. B. Sysuev, I. U. Mitrofanova
  • «Study on determining shelf life of bishofite and glycyrrhizinic acid ophthalmological spray»
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Клиническая медицина

  • Page 33
  • UDK: 616-008.6:616.5-001/-002:613.953
  • E. M. Nikiforova, M. A. Chueva
  • «Features of development of dermatorespiratory syndrome in infants with atopical dermatitis»
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  • Page 36
  • UDK: 616.5-006.52-08
  • A. Y. Rodin, E. A. Serdjukova, S. N. Chava
  • «The problems of diagnosis and treatment of hiv-infection of skin and mucosa»
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  • Page 40
  • UDK: 550.838; 617.012; 616.1-02:613.84; 616.1-02:547.262. 616.1-0
  • A. G. Usenko, O. V. Nischeta, N. P. Velichko, G. A. Usenko, T. Yu. Kosyreva, S. V. Mashkov, D. V. Vasendin, G. S. Schuster, A. B. Lopushinsky
  • «Correlation between solar activity and clotting time in hypertensive patients exposed to toxic factors»
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  • Page 45
  • UDK: 617.52+616-002.34
  • I. V. Khimich, V. S Khlybov, M. V. Kirpichnikov, V. V. Podolsky
  • «Impact of «Mexidole» antioxidant on clinical progress of patients with abscessed furuncle»
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  • Page 48
  • UDK: 616.314-089.28/29-073.4/8
  • T. F. Danilina, A. S. Bryncev
  • «Blood microcirculation features of prosthetic area in use of immediate-prosthetics: sonic dopplerometry data»
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  • Page 51
  • UDK: 616.314 - 089.29 – 635
  • I. V. Linchenko, F. N. Tsukanova, P. V. Andrushenko
  • «Specifics of combined dental prosthesis manufacturing»
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Случай из практики

  • Page 53
  • UDK: 616.72-003.829.7-089
  • D. A. Malanin, I. A. Suchilin, G. L. Snigur, K. N. Gorchakov
  • «Ochronotic arthropathy: clinical case»
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Гуманитарные проблемы медицины

  • Page 57
  • UDK: 37.013.46
  • M. V. Eremina, S. V. Poroyskiy, O. S. Bulycheva
  • «Up-to-date aspects of the formation of professional readiness of doctors for professional work in emergency situations»
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Памятные даты

  • Page 60
  • «To the 100th anniversary of Professor Kasabian Stepan Sergeevich, MD/PhD, Honoured Scientist of the Dagestan Soviet Socialist Republic»
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