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Страница главного врача

  • Page 3
  • UDK: 616-002.5:576.852.211:579.252.55
  • A. S. Borzenko, S. G. Gagarina, A. A. Kaluzhenina
  • «Pulmonarytuberculosis in the Volgograd region in 2002—2011»
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Обзорные статьи

  • Page 6
  • UDK: 618.14–006
  • M. G. Leonov, T. V. Shelyakina, L. V. Lukianova, S. N. Chernov
  • «Historical aspects of screening for cervicalcancer»
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  • Page 12
  • UDK: 616.132.2-092.9:546
  • A. V. Smirnov, G. L. Snigur, O. Y. Evsiukov, A. A. Spasov, M. V. Kharitonova, A. A. Zheltova
  • «Morphological alterations in cerebral arteries of rats in experiment almagnesium deficiency»
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Фармакология, токсикология

  • Page 15
  • UDK: 615.3: 547.854.4
  • A. A. Ozerov, M. S. Novikov, A. I. Luganchenko, T. Hartman, R. W. Buckheit
  • «Novel n-[2-(benzoylphenoxy)ethyl] nucleic bases deriv atives - synthesis and anti-hiv-1 activity in vitro»
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  • Page 19
  • UDK: 615.218.2
  • A. V. Ponomareva, E. E. Nekrasova, O. V. Razvalyaeva
  • «Comparative evaluation of antiallergic therapy of chronic urticaria in adults»
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Клиническая медицина

  • Page 22
  • UDK: 616.12-008.46-039:616.24
  • «Clinical peculiarities, life quality and cardio-renal relationships in patients with chronic heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonarydisease»
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  • Page 28
  • UDK: 617.55-007.43:616-007.274
  • I. V. Mikhin, Y. V. Kukhtenko, A. S. Panchishkin, A. I. Mikhin
  • «Technicalfea tures of the tension and non-tension methods of prosthetic repair of abdominalwallin large and giant postoperative ventralhernia»
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  • Page 33
  • UDK: 616.858
  • O. V. Kurushina, V. V. Miroshnikova, M. A. Raduk, O. A. Derichenko
  • «Parkinson disorder: pain syndrome comorbidity»
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  • Page 35
  • UDK: 616.314
  • I. V. Firsova, S. V. Poroyskiy, J. A. Makedonova, G. L. Snigur
  • «Is aclinician expected to know the histological aspects of outcomes of endodontic treatment?»
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  • Page 38
  • UDK: 616.31-02: 616.895.8
  • S. A. Butaeva, A. V. Mitronin
  • «Assessment of dental status in patients with schizophrenia»
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  • Page 41
  • UDK: 616.314-002-08
  • E. E. Maslak, N. V. Kuyumdzhidy, N. K. Dobrenkova, E. V. Gomenyuk
  • «Clinical application of infiltration technology for incipient caries treatment»
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  • Page 45
  • UDK: 616.716.1-001.5
  • I. V. Dolgova, J. V. Efimov, H. H. Mukhaev, E. J. Efimova
  • «Efficiencyof interosseous infusionin rehabilitation of patients with mandibular fracture»
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Новые методы в эксперименте и клинике

  • Page 47
  • UDK: 612.821.1/.3
  • S. V. Klauchek, N. N. Potekaev, N. A. Vorobieva
  • «New opportunities of rapid determination of women’s psychophysiological resistance to stress-producing manipulations»
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  • Page 51
  • UDK: 611.986+616-053.2
  • V. B. Mandrikov, A. I. Krayushkin, A. I. Perepelkin, N. S. Babaytseva, Y. V. Degtyr
  • «Plantographytechnique in evaluation of foot morphofunctional state in school-age children»
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  • Page 53
  • UDK: 612.82
  • A. N. Doletsky, A. E. Busygin, D. A. Dokuchaev
  • «Statistical study of information content of cerebral bioelectric parameters in evaluation of current emotional state»
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