Volgograd Journal of Medical Research
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UDK: 616-006.61

Characterization of CD82/KAI1 expression in tumor and stromal cells of tongue squamous cell carcinoma

R. F. Zibirov, S. A. Mozerov

Медицинский радиологический научный центр им. А. Ф. Цыба – филиал государственного бюджетного учреждения «Национальный медицинский исследовательский центр» радиологии МЗ РФ, Калужская область, Обнинск


CD82/KAI 1 expression was evaluated in tumor and stromal cells of squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue in 81 cases with regional metastases (n=45) and without metastases (n=36). Expression of KI-1/CD82 was evaluated by immunohistochemical method in the tumor and stromal cells. For cross- group comparison of the area occupied by KAI-1/CD82 positive tumor and stroma cells Mann-Whitney U-test was used. To determine the relationship between the tumor cells and the stroma, a Spearman's correlation was used. In the tongue squamous cell carcinoma with and without metastasis predominate observations with low expression of KAI-1/CD82 by tumor cells and stromal cells. There is a link between KAI-1/CD82 positive tumor cells and stromal cells, and significant intergroup differences between KAI-1/CD82 positive stromal cells emphasizes the importance of their investigation in detail.


tongue cancer, immunohistochemistry, KAI-1/CD82, tumor cells, stromal cells