Volgograd Journal of Medical Research
Quarterly Journal of Science and Practice

UDK: 616.514-053.2-06:615.281

Helicobacter therapy in children with chronic urticaria

N. V. Malyuzhinskaya, O. V. Polyakova, S. A. Emelyanova, S. V. Smykova, N. V. Nikolenko

Волгоградский государственный медицинский университет, кафедра детских болезней педиатрического факультета


Based on the effect of eradication of H. pylori, clinical, endoscopic and morphological findings, metronidazole-containing triple (rabeprazole/clarithromycin/ metronidazole) therapy is similar to amoxicillin-containing triple (rabeprazole/ clarithromycin/amoxicillin) therapy in children with chronic urticaria and chronic gastritis / chronic gastroduodenitis. Eradication therapy has a positive clinical effect on inflammation in the gastric and duodenal mucosa, shows a significant reduction in pain and dyspepsia, results in remission of chronic urticaria, and reduces the volume of anti-allergic therapy.


chronic gastritis, chronic gastroduodenitis, Helicobacter pylori, chronic urticaria, eradication therapy, children